Authorized Steam key resellers?

Does Bandai Namco have a publicly readable list of online stores that are authorized to sell Steam keys for Bandai Namco Entertainment games?

MacGameStore Some of the games have Steam keys and they have bundles once in a while. 

The maker of the watch doesn't authorize the transaction. During events such as the yearly Steam Sale.


 Strangely enough, I haven't been able to find anything from Valve themselves, but there is a fairly lengthy list over at SteamGifts.

Customer Service
Valo CS
3 weeks 2 days ago

Hello clarc9595 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

At the moment there is not a list of authorized key resellers. What we can say about this topic is that we usually recommend not to buy our products from key resellers like Kinguin or g2a. There is the risk to receive an invalid code or an incomplete product. 

22 hours 17 min ago

 "I was going to buy that from someone who claimed to be authorized 
 Thanks for the advice, I'll cancel it right away"