Authorized Steam key resellers?

Does Bandai Namco have a publicly readable list of online stores that are authorized to sell Steam keys for Bandai Namco Entertainment games?

Customer Service
Andy CS
1 month 2 weeks ago

Hello flashn00b,

Thank you for your question. While we do not have a complete list of official partners, the information below will help you to make informed decisions.

When navigating the online stores space, the important thing is to make the distinction between a Digital Retailer and a Key Reseller.


Digital Retailers are stores that sell complete products that are provided directly from publishers (such as Bandai Namco). Examples of such official retailers include Amazon and Humble Bundle. To really be sure what a Store is offering, the only way is to check their Terms of Service. That being said, as a general rule of thumb there are things that can help you identify a legitimate retailer at a glance:

-a retailer only sells brand new products; as such, a legitimate retailer will not offer to buy products from users and put them on their platform

-a legitimate retailer offers prices similar to other stores; while every digital platform will run sales and promotions from time to time, if you see mass product discounts compared to the standard price, this can be a sign for alarm 


On the other hand, Key Resellers only offer a Steam key and not a complete product.There are NO authorized key resellers. By their very definition, key resellers are NOT official. This means that you are NOT guaranteed pre-order bonuses, bonus content, technical support, or other services. The key may be used or invalid and it is not covered by warranty.

We do not recommend using key resellers under any circumstance and will not name them here. To identify a key reseller, you can read their Terms of Service, and watch out for the following criteria:

-offering to buy keys from users to put on the platform

-offering drastic discounts compared to regular prices

-offering discounts on new releases (all games release on full price, so this is not normal)


We hope this helps. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to drop us a message.

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