To anyone that wants more Bandai Namco Studios Inc. games on Steam (Tekken/SoulCalibur/Tales Of/Ace Combat/God Eater)

Tue 24/03/2020 - 23:28

Categorized under FORUM since I can't post a thread in multiple categories, but I'm gonna say this right now: The situation regarding Tales, Tekken, SoulCalibur, God Eater, Ace Combat and Code Vein on PC is much more dire than folks on Steam would convince themselves to believe.

Good news is that Code Vein had sold 1,000,000 units with half of that being on PC. The bad news is that we can't really say the same about every other game on PC. In fact, I'm gonna assume that they've only sold the absolute bare minimum of what's required to tell the devs to keep making PC games and Gundam Extreme VS Maxi Boost ON's announcement is indicative that the bare minimum is no longer acceptable and if Tales of Arise is to sell as well as saay SoulCalibur VI, then don't expect the devs to make PC games ever again.

Assuming this post isn't falling on deaf ears, then I'd like to get as much help as I can in throwing money at Bandai Namco Studios Inc. through their PC releases starting with Tales of Arise and if things go well, then we'll have a never ending battle for their PC support, because you can't expect a Japanese game developer to ever take PC gaming seriously. Also, this fight for their continued PC support is dire enough that I'm willing to dangle the promises of certain... modifications for the upcoming Idolmaster game. I think we all know what will happen if a game about Japanese idols appears on the Steam storefront.