Any Plans for Naruto MMO or More RPG Multiplayer based game Devs?

Tue 16/07/2019 - 22:19

Hi all,

Hopefully will get any info from devs here,

I am looking forward to see a Naruto based multiplayer or mmo experience, Shinobi Striker is the closest of Naruto RPG game ever, since we are able to change clothes to align with a certain village or organization, we are also able to choose our jutsus, although limited. This gave me possibility to create a Doton and Suiton ninjas as these are my favourite elements, but that is not enough.

I played a lot of naruto related games also participated in development of browser/mmo projects, the best ones were the unofficial browser games that died because people made them under certain type of players, or made them poorly.

Some of the best elements from browser/failed mmo fan projects I miss a lot:

1. Possibility to create your own unique ninja from what village you want, so if you wanted to be a mist assasin - do it!


Some Customization of character I could take screen of(rest vanished in the past and Google couldn't find it:D)

Chakra nature - Great element of character customization for Nin/Gen guys(because...tai/buki users usually not use them, unless some raiton/fuuton weapon combination)

Standard, you choose one and use it as chakra infused jutsus like Fireballs and so on, then you combine them when you reach Jōnin and so on

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8 Gates only  for Tai/Bukijutsu users - great boost, hard to learn and it typically worked on all these games like a "rage" after which you are tired or wounded badly

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Clan Jutsus - Typical beautiful stuff, it's awesome when you attack someone, he dodges, uses sharingan which burns a lot of chakra and guy needs to finish you off because his character is weak in using sharingan at that level, and he will simply run out of chakra, but you don't know that

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But what's a clan jutsu without clan - I remember one server where you could choose abilities from your eye and one that was randoming it.

I have randomed clan which was Yuki(Haku's clan) so I had to train my Ninjutsu and Water/Air nature. Other time I build my Sharingan to instead of be nin/copy/gen it was bosting my defense and agility so tried to maximally bring it close to Byakugan, regret that game does not exist...


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Some additional flavors:


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Traveling through the ninja word doing missions, intrigues, diplomacy, pure pvp mayhem, having all these ninja tools boosting your stamina, ninjutsu, setting traps, using ninja wires, paper bombs, defensive seals and all the tools that this universe provided is something I really miss on a bigger scale.


Developing your character to be unique in systems such as "Sharingan will randomize it's abilities if you are Uchiha, so perhaps you will awaken susanoo, perhaps you will be amaterasu, or genjutsu guy".

Also the blindness caused by it, to spend your talent points in things that will make you unique in this world...I really miss that in Naruto gaming now.

One of the best projects I participated in had this awesome possibility of using jutsu with numeric keyboard, so it was more into E sport now - you fight with someone and with right hand use for example 5578214 to make seals and use water dragon or some doton wall so you have to be quick with reactions and use known to you jutsus well - this makes it nice and challenging!


Is there any plan, or was there any for making a RPG Naruto online or MMO like that? to make it competetive, demanding, challenging and giving us an opportunity to create our own unique character in vast but limited system?

I would totally go for either copy sharingan max agility fragile glasscannon build, or some clanless bukijutsu guy with raiton sword or something like that;]

Customer Service
Valo CS
10 months 2 weeks ago

 Hi kakaonutella!

We have really appreciated your love and passion for the Naruto Universe, and we also appreciated your suggestions for a new RPG/MMO Naruto game. Our top priority is to constantly improve our products, so we are always happy to receive suggestions and feedback from our players =) We will be more than happy to forward your suggestions to the attention of our team, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

10 months 1 week ago

That's a swift response thank you!


If you got any questions what I(or we as I guess many people would respond) would like to see in such MMO/different online or Shinobi Striker, just ask I bet that not only I got plenty of suggestions;]


 Thanks again for your love and passion for the Naruto Universe =) We will be at your disposal for any question or suggestion you may have!

10 months ago

 What I liked the most in this MMORPG is that the design has remained faithful to the original and that the story of Naruto is the same

I would like to see it as a full world experience, better than wow, with a good graphic not a full-cartoon, but more darker. With absolutely no technology and Boruto content. Well...there could be a lot of good things to catch each region eye but...perhaps when someone will announce such project I will drop some ideas there