Any plans for releases?

Sat 02/11/2019 - 11:34

Knowing Bandai Namco's current relations with CD Projekt RED, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a singleplayer game on published by Bandai Namco. Will there be any plans on looking into this storefront later down the line?

Like, i know that multiplayer games such as Tekken, Project CARS and SoulCalibur would be extremely problematic to put in a DRM-free service since the Steamworks DRM is also what's used as the service platform for those games.

Customer Service
Valo CS
7 months ago

 Hello flashn00b! Thanks for your post =) We do not possess any official information concerning any plans for releases. Our player's concerns however are really important and we will be happy to forward your request to the attention of our team =)