Amy is coming soon to SOULCALIBUR VI!

Kara BNE
Thu 21/03/2019 - 10:40

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Amy will return to the Stage of History on 26 March in the SOULCALIBUR VI Season Pass!

Amy learned how to use a rapier from Raphael in between his frequent travels. He had insisted she learn to defend herself against the dangers of the world. Always resourceful, she adapted La Rapière des Sorel into her very own style, which focuses on exploiting openings with precise attacks until her opponent goes down.

Will you be playing her as your main?

10 months ago

Hello there,


will there be anymore character story missions, for the main story side of the game? Thanks! 

Customer Service
Valo CS
9 months 4 weeks ago

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Hi Danny997! Thanks for your interest for Soul Calibur VI! Unfortunately we do not possess any official info concerning the future developing and release of new DLCs, for further information we invite you to keep an eye at the news section in our site =)