Ace Combat 7 widescreen pc

Sat 02/02/2019 - 17:22

Hi all,

Just hopeing for a patch that supports widescreen on the pc for Ace Combat 7!

Like 5760x1080, or other resolutions. Whill you guys thinking about it?

Love the game, so thanks


Customer Service
Andy CS
8 months ago

Hey Floks,

Thank you for your feedback, we'll pass it on to the devs =) We've also noticed that some resolution options are only accessible in FullScreen, so be sure to have that in your options to get the highest resolution possible. 

 Yes the option for fullscreen 5760x1080 is in my settings, just doen't work, goes back to one screen. Love the game so, also got a copy for my ps4 and got a VR set.
Thanks for the support.


7 months 3 weeks ago

 I got the same Problem.


Got 3 Monitor Setup @ 5760 x 1080. Bought the Deluxe Edition to support the Game. There are workarounds to get it to work but for a AAA Title from a Big Company it should be able out the door without Ghettorigging a .ini file. 


I think I am also facing this issue. Did you get any proper solution?

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7 months 2 weeks ago

 I found a sollution

Download the mod  (3 files, unpack in <Steam Installation Location>\SteamApps\common\ACE COMBAT 7.)

  You need Python 3.5 or newer. :

Mod AC7 to work at ultrawide resolutions.

What it does:

Prompts user for input on the resolution they want to use.
Hex edits the executable to the chosen resolution.
Downloads 3Dmigoto and unpacks it into the game directory.
Downloads the shader fix file.

Python 3.5 or newer

Save to <Steam Installation Location>\SteamApps\common\ACE COMBAT 7.
Double click to run. see youtube



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Customer Service
Slavi CS
6 months ago

Hey there Floks :)

The message was forwarded and when updates are coming we will post them on the web site and on Facebook and Twitter =)