Account warned innocently

Leandro augusto
Sat 25/05/2019 - 18:44

Good Night, I come through the forum to communicate that my current account was warned for cheating, well I explain why I deserve to return the account normally, with 5 days of game came a boy indicating me the use of chatengine, where I have total ignorance (BANDAI NAMCO) Autoziva the use of the program, I was interested however, where it came to cause the use of cheat, until however did not know that the use was prohibited by (BANDAI NAMCO). when I entered the game 2 days after my account was warned, where I was cleared the account removing all the residue of the cheating, and I come to ask the (BANDAI NAMCO) pardon for the incident, and that I did not know, the boy who indicated the use of the cheat, blocked me in the steam, I can no longer contact with the same, I claim that my passion for DarkSouls is very big, I already have other DarkSouls in my account, and kindly if you please take my account of the warning, I claim that I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience, and people are asking for it, I claim that I was innocent and told to use this kind of program for lies (misinformation). Forgive me BANDAI NAMCO, I really love DarkSouls. Steam:

Customer Service
Meto CS
7 months 3 weeks ago

Hello, Leandro,

For this specific case, I can suggest to you to contact us directly by e-mail via the following link:

We will check your account carefully on our end and we will tell you the details of your ban and if you are eligible for an unban!