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Sat 08/02/2020 - 10:43

Good afternoon, sir or madame. I am writing to you about the banning of my account in Dark Souls 3. For six months now I have been waiting for my account to be released from the ban, due to fraudulent tricks of another player, I invaded other players as the creator of Barrow, In one of them the treasured moon player joined to help the master kick me out. But since I did not touch the owner, we waited for more players to create massive pvp. At one point, I was far from the owner and summoned a newcomer who was a dark moon to fight me. He killed me with one blow, and after death I got 20 Proof of Concord Kept (for Darkmoons) and about 18-20 Pale Tongues. They have been added to my inventory. I thought it was a mistake in the game, but I did not think to throw them away. And on that day (September 12, 2019), I found out that I was banned for the mismatch of the game file. Therefore, I ask you to relieve me of responsibility, because I have not changed. Yes, I got a promotion due to a mistake, but anyway it's not my fault. If I can do something, please let me know.

With best hopes, BezGvard


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4 months 3 weeks ago


Could you please open a request to our customer support team so we can check your account and inform you on how to proceed.

You can do so through here:

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