11-11: Memories Retold - Special Offers

Wed 20/11/2019 - 07:02

In remembrance of the people and stories of World War I, we’re offering some timely deals on our award-winning collaboration with Aardman Studios and Digixart, 11-11: Memories Retold.


This game allows you to explore the history of the war through the experiences of both sides of the conflict, and uses the accounts of real people to build the story of Kurt (voiced by Sebastian Koch) and Harry (voiced by Elijah Wood) as they try to survive one of the most perilous conflicts in all of human history.


Here’s a list of places where you can receive a limited-time discount on 11-11: Memories Retold.

BANDAI NAMCO Store – Get up to 75% off on the game, t-shirt and digital soundtrack.

Steam – Get 75% off when you buy before November 13.

PS4 – Get 48% off when you buy before December 2.

7 months 3 weeks ago

Whether you're already a hardcore fan of Gundam and all it's iterations or totally fresh into what Gundam actually is, we've got what you need to explore the wonderful world of huge manned robots (also called mecha's for short).

Throughout February 24th until March 1st at the Museum of Science & Technology in Stockholm, Sweden an installation of Gundam will have arrived at the current “Robots – Making Machines Human” exhibition! You, your friends and family will all be able to discover how a franchise that began over 40 years ago (YES, it all started in 1979) has continued to prosper into a new age of cool fighting mecha's - both keen to adhere to the older generations and new one's as well!

At the Gundam installation you will be able to:

  • Learn more about what Gundam actually is and explore the extent of the Gundam universe
  • Play the Gundam video games, such as 'Gundam Versus' and jump right into the mecha action
  • Build your very own Gunpla for free and bring it home with you

Oh? But 'what IS Gunpla' you might ask! Gunpla is an extremely popular line of mecha model kits that are made by us at BANDAI.  The name of the line comes from a portmanteau of the words “Gundam” and “Plastic Model (Plamo)”, and Gunpla are poseable model kits that are based on the various mobile weapons of Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, mainly the Mobile Suits.

Gunpla is currently the most popular model kit line produced by us at BANDAI, selling hundreds to thousands of these mecha model kits every year. As they are model kits, they are molded on plastic sprues or runners, usually made of PS plastic. Throughout the days of the Gundam installation at the exhibition you will be able to build your own Gunpla for free and take it home to show off your very own Gundam mecha to everyone!


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We are very excited to see you at the Museum of Science & Technology starting as of February 24th! / Joy Bratt Martinez - Community Manager at BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT NORDIC